C.C. CONSTRUCTION, INC. is one of most
    experienced Site and Utility contracting firms in
    Southeastern Massachusetts. For over a quarter
    century we have provided quality services with a
    commitment to exceed expectations on every

    Whether your needs are for a new water service or
    a new water main, an upgrade to a residential
    septic system or a wastewater treatment system
    for a commercial complex, a repair for that
    dangerous puddle in your private road or a new
    town road with drainage, water, and sewer utilities,
    a small building excavation or a complete site and
    utility package to construct your new school, your
    new town hall, or your new retail complex, we will
    provide all of the necessary resources to help
    complete your project on time and on budget. Our
    team will provide accurate cost estimates and
    reliable task scheduling. We often are able to
    suggest cost or time saving methods to help you
    maintain your construction commitments.

    If there's one thing you don't need, it's surprises.
    You know, the one that's going to occur at 3:00 PM
    and put your best laid plans in jeopardy? And if
    something does go wrong, we've seen many
    different sized projects, and we've already seen
    many of the pitfalls that you're likely to face. Count
    on us to give you that alternative plan that's sound,
    practical and executable so you can get back on
    track quickly.

    15 DIAMOND'S PATH, BOX 1493
    SOUTH DENNIS, MA 02660
    Phone      508 398-1811
    Fax           508 398-1866